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Photography has gone through tremendous changes with thousands of new innovations in technology over its 150 plus year history. Smartphone and Digital Camera technology are here to stay due to their portability and multi-tasking functions. No matter what image capturing device we use today picture quality, creativity and composition are still the foundation and keystone to photography's past, present and future.

We have created a fun, friendly and interactive learning environment, teaching students to produce incredible Selfies, Friend/Family photos, vacation, event, memories and more to share and cherish for a lifetime.

Instructing students on how to utilize natural or artificial lighting and flash techniques; handling and caring for your device; subject/object placement and composition, taking, viewing and editing images to upload to social media sites or download into storage.

Class Outline

1. Lighting

2. Handling and Caring for your Smartphone/Digital Camera

3. Placement/Composition of Subjects and Objects

4. Taking and Viewing Images

5. Editing

6. Sending and Storing Images


· Indoor lighting techniques utilizing artificial light sources

· Outdoor lighting techniques using natural light

· Flash techniques for in and outdoors

Handling and Caring for your Devices

 · Handling your devices correctly in hand, or with tripod, selfie stick and accessories

· Cleaning and maintenance techniques for your devices


· Basic photography composition ( Rule of Thirds )

· Foreground, Subject/Object and Background Placement techniques

Taking and Viewing Images

· Taking images looking through and at the device

· View images on your device, tablet; laptop or computer to analyze


· Smartphone/Camera editing on device techniques

· Download images to editing software and app’s

· Cropping, filters, black/white, color balance corrections and more!

Sending and Storing Images

· Uploading images to social media sites, cloud account or websites

· Download images to backup storage accounts or storage devices

Instructor: Martin B. Selby Sr.

 Classes: 2 Classes- 2 Hours Each

 Date: 2 - Saturday's

Time: 12:00PM to 2:00PM  

Location: 1102 E. Rittenhouse St. Philadelphia, PA 19119

Info: Facebook.com/shuttershed

Email: Shuttershed@aol.com

Phone: (215)-300-8934

FEE: $60 

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Digital Photograpy Class